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> Scholarship in Thailand from Austria
Scholarship in Thailand from Austria

October 6, 2006 - February 19, 2007 - Thammasat University, Faculty of Science and Technology,Institute of Environmental Science , Bangkok, Thailand.

Ulrich Morawetz from University of Natural Resources and Life Science Vienna, Austria, is scholar at Thammasat Universtiy, Thailand, from October 2006 to February 2007. The following is a short description of his research focus: international trade with organic products fosters organic production which is assumed to increase "at the gate prices" for farmers in developing countries, making them less dependent on imported fertilizer and having beneficial effects on the environment and health. Never the less, organic production is not necessarily the best option for all types of farms. The income portfolio of a household, the assets available and differing prices make organic agriculture differently suitable for different households. The research during the 4 months scholarship in Bangkok aims at bringing light to the question which households can gain from international trade with organic products. The results will be presented at Thammasat University and at the EAAE Conference in Bologna.
The institute of Environmental Science at Thammasat University is currently involved in a project to develop organic management techniques to enhance feasible organic management methods for small scale farmers in Thailand. Using available data sets from the respective region and the technical knowledge at the institute, a mathematical model is used to quantify the gains in income, possible through organic production and international trade. The optimization is applied to different types of households allowing to identify which households can gain most. The 4 moths of research in Thailand allow several field trips to rural areas, discussions with Thai experts from different fields, and provide insight into the long term development of agriculture, the ongoing discussion about agricultural policy in Thailand, and the cultural background. The final paper, presented at the EAAE Seminar in Bologna, will be prepared with Rungsaran Wongprawmas from Thammasat University and Rainer Haas from BoKu Universtity.