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July 18, 2005 - July 23, 2005 - Xinjang Agricultural University - Urumqi, Xinjiang, China


The first meeting of the partnership participants is aimed at creating a basis for further collaboration during the project development period and start-up the project activities. The several points of view of the partners on procedures, market conditions of the quality and organic food markets, the mainstream marketing approaches and their application in the local markets will be the main topics of the discussion. The Xinjiang Agricultural University will be responsible for the meeting organisation, unless else specified in the detailed activity.
It is addressed mainly to the partnership members (around 15 to 20 people are expected to participate to the meeting). The main stakeholders (local public institutions, scientists and industry operators) will be invited to participate in the institutional meeting (are expected around 25 persons) (see below).

1 Kick-off seminar (WP1: Multilateral Networking - 1st day)

1.1 Institutional Meeting in China

This will be an official meeting to launch the project. All partners will give a presentation and there will be a presentation of the overall project to the main stakeholders (local public institutions, scientists and industry operators), in order to collect their opinion and expectations. The main purpose of this activity is to make public institutions, agri-food industry operators, scientists, etc. aware of the existence and activities of the project and to create a basis for further co-operation among the partners.

1.2 Guided visit to the Xinjiang Agricultural University

Visit by Partners to learn about the higher education partner institution in Xinjiang, China: structure, administration, management, teaching opportunities and facilities, etc.

2 Information and Methodological Workshop (WP2: Implementation of training activities - 2nd and 3rd day)

2.1 First Workshop: State-of-the-art of the Organic Markets in Europe and Asia, and Methodologies for on-field consumer's studies

Workshop focused on the elements necessary to create a common basis in order to carry out the future training activities. This activity is aimed at improving the understanding of the problems of organic and quality food sector and to set up a common basis of methodological tools that can be used for marketing operations.
The partners present a selection of literature sources in which the present situation of marketing of organic products is described, as results of previous desk studies.
A presentation and discussion of the up-to-date research and analysis tools used in the marketing field, and the possibilities to apply them to the organic sector conclude the workshop.
Output: Workshop "State-of-the-art of the Organic Markets in Europe and Asia, and Methodologies for on-field consumer's studies" proceedings, published in electronic form and distributed over the Internet [Product code: 001-WP2-IntPUB].

2.2 Definition of procedures for candidates selection for the forthcoming Short overseas programme, and the foreseen workshops.

The meeting is aimed at defining the selection procedures for candidates to participate in the training activities foreseen by the project. Explicit criteria aimed at favouring the participation of female candidates will be considered. The main responsibility of this activity is assigned to UniBO, but the participation of all partners is required.

3 Specific research start up (WP3: Study /research collaboration for human resource development - 4th day)

3.1 General technical meeting

Discussion about the existing research group and the exact topic to be considered as indispensable for curriculum development activities. It will be defined and started up the application of different methodologies to address the identified research issues and study problems.
Possible research topics in which the interested research units may be involved are the following:
- Research line on "The Pome Fruits industry and quality markets in China"
- Research line on "Improvement and enhancement of the Dairy industry in China"
- Research line on "Specialty foods and sustainable rural regional development"
- Research line on "Opportunities for Asian Countries in the production and export of organic products"
- Research line on "Quality standards in agriculture and in the food supply-chain"
- Research line on "Organic agriculture as a concept and trademark for production and marketing of quality products"
These will give the chance to exchange experience and training on the methods of analysis of the agri-food sector between the researchers.
The research activity will be integrated with the activities foreseen by other WPs (mainly with WP2-training and WP4-exchanges).
Output: General technical meeting internal report [Product code: 002-WP3-MIN].

4 Criteria definition for the exchange activity (WP4: Exchanges between universities -5th day)

4.1 Definition of procedures and criteria for academic scholars/researchers exchanges

During this meeting the criteria for the selection of the candidates will be established and the assignment of the scholarships (Ph.D. students, researchers, junior professors) that are eligible and motivated to spend the defined amount of months hosted by a partner Department will be decided on. The responsibility for this activity is assigned to the UniBO. Output: Written procedures for academic exchanges [Product code: 003-WP4-MIN].

5 Project management and administrative compliance (WP6: Project management 6th - day)

5.1 Project cycle management presentation by the applicant

Presentation by the applicant of the principles applied in the project management, discussion among the partners. The responsibility for this activity is assigned to the UniBO.

5.2 Administrative meeting

Presentation by the applicant of the administrative issues. Explanation of the contract formalities and the administrations requirements and good practices. The responsibility for this activity is assigned to the UniBO.

5.3 Financial issues definition

Presentation by the applicant of the details for financial issues, ultimate agreement among the partners. The responsibility for this activity is assigned to the UniBO. Output: Financial and administrative good practice specification and control procedures definition [Product code: 004-WP6-ADM].