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March 5, 2007 - March 10, 2007 - Italy, Bologna


The third meeting is mainly aimed at the fine-tuning of the common knowledge and research procedures of a group of scholars/researchers/teachers on the organic marketing. Around 25 persons are expected to participate to the meeting. It is addressed mainly to the partnership members.
Representatives of the local public institutions as well as industry operators will be invited to participate to a seminar aimed at presenting the results of the analysis performed during the research activity (WP3) in order to raise interest and collect information on expectations about the project and to set the basis for a collaboration with the agri-food industry operators, and to stimulate the chances to place Asian researchers within commercial and production organisations for short internship periods (WP5).
The responsibility for this meeting organisation is mainly assigned to the University of Bologna, except when differently specified for the detailed activity.

On the days 8-9 March, 2007, the participants will take part to the 105th EAAE seminar on International Marketing and International Trade of Quality Food Products.

1 IT tools for virtual mobility and partner co-ordination (WP1: Multilateral Networking - 1st-2nd day)

1.1 Set up of IT tools for virtual mobility and partner co-ordination
An Internet web site will be set up as a virtual mobility tool to be used for communication and document-sharing within the network participants.
The web site will be organised in a public area and a private area. The public area is devoted to hosting the documents useful for results diffusion. The private area, is devoted to hosting files necessary for partners human resources development and for the project management. Qualified users are allowed to upload documents they want to share and decide who will have the privileges to read and/or modify them.
This Internet web site then become a reference platform for all the partners, and will also allow the participants to organise open forums on specific topics and long distance learning. The responsibility for this activity organisation is specifically assigned to the University of Gloucestershire and to BioAgriCert (associate partner).

1.2 Preparation of output
The set up of a network initiative "portal" require the intervention of several partners in order to supply contents and approve the structure and the type of information available on the web site. After the test phase the ultimate approval and publication on the Internet of the initiative site will be decided during the meeting.
Output: IT tool for virtual mobility and partner co-ordination, updated internet Web site (home page and public information content) [Product code: 017-WP1-WEB].

1.3 Credit recognition for learning activities performed over IP
After the first meeting, according to the decisions of the international liaison offices within each partner administration, decisions on recognition schemes that could be established, based on a joint credit transfer guideline made valid for the partner universities will be taken. A liaison group within the Network will be set up. The prime focus of these liaison group is to examine the structure and content of courses in each institution in order to identify common content and processes. Depending on the results of activity II.2.3, an agreement among the network partner for a common module using e-learning over IP, and the related credit recognition will be designed. The responsibility for this activity organisation is specifically assigned to the BoKu University of Vienna.
Output: Internet Web site (credit recognition section) [Product code: 018-WP1 - WEB].

1.4 Guided visit to the Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna
Visit by Partners to learn about the higher education partner institution in Bologna, Italy: structure, administration, management, teaching opportunities and facilities, etc.

2 Setting the baseline for long-distance training (WP2: Implementation of training activities - 3rd day)

2.1 Presentation of a report on the SIOP course and E-learning tool
This meeting is aimed at presenting and reviewing the didactical materials produced before and during the SIOP course. The material will be edited and a selection will be published on the Web site as first step for the implementation of an e-learning tool. The software alternatives available and suitable to set up an e-learning tool will be examined and discussed.
The responsibility for this activity organisation is specifically assigned to the Thammasat University and to the BoKu University of Vienna.
Output: Internet Web site (e-learning section) [Product code: 019-WP2-WEB].

3 First review of the human development activity and presentation of the intermediate research results (WP3: study /research collaboration for human resource development - 4th day)

3.1 Lessons learned through the intermediate outcomes of the research activity
The meeting is aimed at defining and highlighting the main outcomes of the common research activity under the perspective of a steady and sustainable research collaboration within the partners, and the chances to involve in the network other HEI linked to the partners.

3.2 Technical seminars kept by young scientists involved in the HRD activity
The young researchers attending the meeting in Italy will be invited to present their experience and the intermediate results of their research activity in the quality and organic food marketing topic.
The co-ordination of this activity is assigned to the University of Gloucestershire.
Output: Slide shows on the research activity intermediate results, deliverable through the Internet [Product code: 020-WP3-MIN].

3.3 Adjustments of the research activity according to the emerging needs

The reshaping of the on-going common research activities, carried out indipendently by the partners within the network, according to the intermediate results and the needs emerged during the past period will be discussed during an informal meeting, reserved to the partners.

4 First outcomes of the internship in the partner Universities (WP4: exchanges between universities - 5th day)

4.1 Exchanges review
Review of the results from the exchanges still in force or already finished. Analysis of the foreseen exchanges and evaluation of the activities performed.
The responsibility for this activity organisation is specifically assigned to the University of Gloucestershire.

5 Fostering the industrial relationships in Europe (WP5: development of industrial relationships and exchanges - 5th day)

5.1 Round table with academic/professional operators (international traders, producers, local market operators)
The round table is aimed at creating a communication flow between the researchers, scholars and academic personnel in the network and the most important agri-food industry representatives.
The main needs of the professional actors and the expectations of the researchers, as well as the chances to collaborate to create a steady link among research and market operators, will be discussed. On the other hand, information on the research activities performed within the network will be given to the operators and public bodies representatives.
Bioagricert srl (associate partner) will give its contribution for the success of the initiative.
Output: Minutes and transcription summary of the round table discussion, for internal use [Product code: 021-WP5-MIN].

6 Intermediate audit (WP6: Project management - 1st day)

6.1 Internal evaluation audit
Intermediate evaluation of all the on-going and completed activities.
Analysis of the quality indicators and of the adopted procedures. Review of the remaining tasks and of the assignment of responsibilities. Review of the existing and planned documents and publications. Analysis of the participating scholars satisfaction.
Output: Intermediate internal evaluation report [Product code: 022-WP6-ADM].

6.2 Financial/administrative issues review meeting
Analysis of the financial issues emerged during the on-going and completed project activities, resolution of disputes and doubtful points. Output: Financial and administrative recommendations for internal use [Product code: 023-WP6-ADM].